Welcome to our belly dance skirt collection. We have a beautiful range of skirts including chiffon, silk-mix, satin, georgette and cotton 25 yard gypsy style. Many of our skirts are chosen personally by us when we visit our suppliers in Istanbul, therefore supplies are limited.


MEASURING:  All of our skirts are pretty much free-size, with elasticated bands at the top with plenty of stretch (you'll find the necessary measurements in the individual product info).   The ‘waistband’ will need to sit on your hip-bone rather than around your actual waist, so bear this in mind when checking measurements.   Lengthwise, skirts should fall just clear of the floor, but be long enough to cover the ankle joint.  Any longer and they present a trip hazard and will also be vulnerable to dust and damage, too short and they won’t look right.  It's best to go for longer rather than shorter in anything with an elasticated waist, as it can easily be rolled over at the waistband to shorten it (this will also give you some leeway if you sometimes wear shoes with heels and sometimes dance barefoot).